Tagos sa puso, tagos sa utak, tagus sa laman Kuya! Isang Babae, Todo Iyak Matapos Siyang Iwan Ng Kanyang Seaman Na Boyfriend

At one point in your life, have you ever had your heart broken by someone? Have you ever cried for someone in your sleep? Or reminisce all your times spend together and cannot help but shed a tear? Do you remember the feeling?
Every one of us probably experienced heartbreak at some point of our lives. From a high school crush, or from a college love, or from a long term relationship- all heartbreaks are different yet it shares a common hurt.

Watch the full video below:

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Kaya kayo boys Please lang Maawa kayo sa mga girls *Seamanluluko na naman ang may kasalanan💔Tagus sa puso tagos sa utak tagus sa laman Kuya😂✌😭😂Seaman nga naman 😂💪

Posted by SeamanThoughts on Monday, September 24, 2018

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What about you? What do you think the girl must do? Share your thoughts as you watch the video.

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