WATCH: Video Ng Isang Lalaking Mas Pinili Ang Mag-Daos Ng Birthday Para Hanapin Ang Mas Nangangailangan

It doesn’t require much to do a good deed. Offering to help someone fix their car, door, or bike is already an act of kindness. It’s not about how much you give, it’s about your willingness to help others without expecting anything in return. Such benevolence was recently spotted in a viral Facebook video, wherein a man riding a motorcycle drove around handing food and water to many homeless people.

His great deed was recorded with the use of his helmet camera and was uploaded by a friend who kept his identity a secret.

In the video, the man went to different areas. At some places, he was able to give food and water to one homeless person. In others, he was able to give more than two in one spot.

Some of the people he was able to help were all-smiles after receiving their unexpected gift. Others, who were sleeping at random concrete streets, must’ve been left surprised upon seeing a blessing in front of them when they woke up.

Some of the people he gave food to went near him after seeing him giving them to others. Some also surrounded him waiting to be given what he had for others, which he was genuinely willing to give.

Every homeless person he saw that day received a gift that they don’t normally receive on a daily basis. This goes to show how there are still people who remain incapable of having three meals a day.

It’s not that man’s duty or even ours to give them food every single day of their lives. But, it should be in our hearts to find a way to help them even with the smallest gesture.

Imagine if every person in the country started helping at least one homeless person in a day. In a matter of months or even years, don’t you see our country growing as it should? It’s always the little things that when gathered, makes a huge difference in the world.

Read the netizens reactions below:

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VERY INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO! MUST WATCH! Ang daming nagdaraos ng kanilang Birthday na naghanda ng sobrang engrande. Nag imbita ng napaka rami at bumili ng regalo sa sarili. Yan ang paraan ng marami sa atin kahit nga ako ganun din. Pero ang isang ito, mas pinili na na hanapin ang mga mas nangangailangan. Kahit sa maliit na paraan maibsan ang gutom ng mga taong walang tirahan at nag-iisip kung paano malalamnan ang kumakalam na sikmura. Ito ang paraan nya bilang pagdiriwang ng kanyang Kaarawan. Pinili nyang itago ang mukha nya pero ipaalam kung ano ginawa nya sa mga makakita kasi di masamang gayahin kung ano ang kanyang pamamaraan. Happy Birthday KAIBIGAN KO! Don't worry di kita papangalanan. Pls. share this video to inspired others. And paki….#kmjs

Posted by Romeo De Guzman on Sunday, September 23, 2018


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