Ganito Pala Ang Tratuhan Nila Kylie Padilla At Aljur Abrenica Kapag Nasa Loob Ng Kanilang Bahay

Most of us assume that being a celebrity means all the glitz and glamour. Most people assume that celebrities live a very different kind of live compared to ordinary people or those who do not have any connection of some sort with showbiz. And because they enjoy this special status, we always get excited to know how they live their lives away from the cameras.

We often see celebrities the way that the media want us to see them. It means we are absorbing the details of their lives only the part that the media want us to show. The way we look at the life of a celebrity is greatly influenced by the press.

That is why for some fans and supporters, it is a premium experience to get to know about how celebrities spend their daily lives, away from the cameras and the limelight. We always want to see how a day passes by in the life of our favorite celebrities.

Recently, a video of Kylie Padilla and her partner, Aljur Abrenica went viral after it showed how the two are spending their time together privately. The video gained the attention of many social media users and showbiz insiders because they felt that the couple allowed them to enter their lives for once.

The video showed the couple playing the popular game, Jenga, it is really visible that the two enjoys the company of each other, they also enjoyed their bonding and because they love to share with their fans how they are treating each other at home, Kylie filmed the who sweet moment.

It can be recalled that Kylie and Aljur became controversial figures after Kylie was required to leave her show, Encantadia to secure her safety as a newly-pregnant mother. Their fans and supporters were shocked of their revelation.

What added to the fuel of their controversy is the initial reaction of Robin Padilla towards the relationship of his daughter.

Watch the video below:

Here are the comments from the netizens:

SOURCE: youtube

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