This Caveman Was Able To Date This Western Woman

We often believe in the saying that true love is blind. We want a kind of love that does not think or look at the physical appearance of a person. We want someone who could love us with all their heart and without judgment. Love for us is one of the most important things in the world.

Recently, a 48-year-old Thai national living inside a cave went viral after he was able to ask a Russian lady to go out on a date with him. According to TNP Media, the caveman was named Jatuphum Losiri and has been living in his “humble abode underground” for years. Everything changed when he met a Russian lady outside a 7-Eleven store.

TNP reported that Jataphum described the beautiful lady as “slim, beautiful woman”. Coconut Media also offered a translation of the story taken from Jataphum’s Facebook post. Jataphum said that he was riding his motorbike when he first saw the beautiful woman.

“I said to her, ‘You interrupted me. I was riding my motorbike home, but because of your beauty, I had to turn around. I needed to talk to you and find out if you’re beautiful on the inside as well.”

This simple statement prompted the Russian woman to laugh and open up about her experience in Thailand. Jataphum then discovered that it is already the Russian woman’s last day in the island of Koh Pangan. And since it is already the woman’s last day in the island, Jataphum said that this will also be the last time that she will get to know him.

““Then this is your last chance to get to know me. We have to find a beautiful place to sit and talk.”

Just like anyone else, the Russian woman first hesitated because they are strangers then. But Jataphum assured her of her safety and so she gave in her confidence and rode the bike.

TNP then clarified that no update regarding them became available. There is no assurance that the two ended up together.

Watch the video below:


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