A massive bladders stone found inside a man’s stomach

A 55-year-old patient named Zhou in Wuhan, China underwent an immediate surgery after the bladder stones inside his body became so massive that it can be compared to the size of an ostrich’s egg.

According to him, he began to experience the discomfort in June. Zhou then decided to seek medical attention after the discomfort became worse.

Based on the findings, doctors at the at the Wuhan Jingdu Hospital found out the bladder stones wasn’t just a typical one. The enormous mass grew into a 13 cm (5.1 inches).

And because it was so massive, Dr. Wang Hui said that it should be removed immediately to avoid any further health complications.

It was like an ostrich egg. The bladder stone was larger than an adult human’s fist, taking up his entire bladder. If not quickly removed, it could lead to renal failure.”

During the surgical operation, the doctors decided against a general anesthetic instead of numbing his abdominal region

“We then fished the stone out using their hands, as we ‘would have a hard time reaching tools inside.”

Dr. Wang revealed the reason why it happened. According to him, the patient’s own habits, including not drinking enough water, sitting for extended periods of time and holding in his urine, were the causes of it.

The retrieved bladder stone is the biggest ever found at the hospital.

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Source: 9gag | Metro UK | The Medical News Today 
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