Man with cystic fibrosis pursues his dream of becoming a bodybuilder

Going into the gym wasn’t just a simple pastime for the 21-year-old Jared Wells from New York. For him, this routine served as his drive to battle his inborn illness, cystic fibrosis.

It is a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung problems and limits the ability to breathe over time. Due to this, Jared weighed less and appeared thin. He also suffered for five years from a severe lung ailment which he survived; however, it just made him lose more of his weight.

He bravely opened up about his struggles on Instagram and how he decided to overcome it. He wrote:

“I had given up on life. I refused to do any of my treatments and medicine and said ‘it’s time to end this fight.’ Or so I thought. We’re not done here we have so much more to do.”

To his delight, the doctors gave him a go signal to do strenuous physical activities. He spent his time working out and developing body mass inside the gym. With the help of the gym owner, he lifted his way towards a better body.

In the early part of his workout, Jared was able to gain six pounds of muscle and bring his body fat percentage down to 0%.

Jared gained a lot of people supporting his weight-gaining journey on social media. Through this, he also penned an inspiring message to people like him struggling with individual health issues.

I’m gonna keep this short and simple. To those of you in the darkness right now. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like being stuck in your own head day after day. It’s exhausting but please continue your fight! I promise it will get better. It may not get better today or the day after but if you keep fighting and keep pushing you will find something that makes it all worth it!

From being an ailing man with thin appearance, Jared Wells became a fitness inspiration to people. Despite his condition, he continued to strive for his dream and be healthy than ever.

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