Mandatory organ donation pushed in the Senate

Organ donation is currently made through the consent of the body’s owner and Philippine Red Cros Chair Senator Richard Gordon wants to remove that as he wants to make organ donation mandatory before the end of the year.

In an article published in RMN, Senator Gordon said that under the Organ Donor Act of 2019, the organs of those people whose lives have already ended with will be required to be donated to other patients who need an organ.

According to Senator Gordon, patients are currently facing a problem of not getting an organ they need quickly. He said in most cases, families of the loved ones who haves passed don’t want to donate their organs out of respect to them.

Gordon also said that under this law, the underground and illegal trading of organs will be lessened. Currently, there are a lot of people living under the poverty line who are selling their organs to those people who are in need of one in exchange for money. However, they face long-term health problems since they were not authorized and oriented by authentic donors.

But what about those people who don’t want their organs to be used by other patients? Senator Gordon said there’s no problem with that as long as they have a written consent stating that they are not allowing their organs to be used.

“This is an ambition for our people na hindi sila mahirapan. Lahat ng Pilipino obligado diyan, pero kung ayaw mo, susulat ka. Meron kang [lalagdaan na] ‘do not take my organs out’,”Gordon said in an interview with ABS-CBN.

(This is an ambition for our people so that it will be efficient for them to get an organ. All Filipinos are obliged but if they don’t want to, they can just write consent, say ‘do not take my organs out’, and sign it.)

Once this bill of mandatory organ donation will be enacted into a law, doctors can finally get the organs of the ones who are declared to be passing if a patient needs an organ.
The National Kidney and Transplant Institute gave their support to the said bill.

According to its executive director Romina Danguilan, their patients who are in need of kidney transplants went higher in the last year but the number of donors decreased.

They have admitted 25,000 new patients for dialysis and kidney transplants but they only have 500 kidney donors.

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Source: ABS-CBN Youtube

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