Medical institution apologizes for false medical report that caused anxiety, confusion to a couple

Last June 2018, a medical institution in Singapore released an apology after one of their doctors made a false medical report. The doctor’s mistake caused great distress, anxiety, and confusion on the affected couple. The doctor who made the false report was from SingHealth.

Apparently, the unidentified doctor mistakenly ticked ‘yes’ making the patient think she had a human immunodeficiency virus. His false findings almost caused the marriage and life of the patient who also happened to be pregnant.

According to an article by Asian One, the patient’s husband, Keith shared in detail, what truly happened. He shared that his wife had to go to one of SingHealth’s polyclinics for a medical examination. It was a requirement for her application for permanent residency in Singapore.

Keith showed two medical results from SingHealth that said positive and another that said it negative. Out of frustration and confusion, Keith called SingHealth thinking that it was not in any way a small issue. He said:
“She is pregnant with out second child there are a lot of risks involved. If we were to be of weak heart and mind, divorce could have taken place.”

Clinic director from SingHealth, Dr. Sinead Wang, released a public apology saying:
“We apologize unreservedly for the distress and axiety caused to our patient and her family for the transcribing error in the ICA medical examination report.”
Furthermore, he said:

“Following the incident, we have contacted the patient and her family to extend our apologies and provided them with a fresh ICA medical ecamination report. We have counselled the attending doctor and taken steps to strengthen our processes to ensure that this does not happen again.”

To conclude, it is always important to have second opinions especially when you feel doubtful of the results you had. For doctors, a mistake like this can revoke them or their license and strip them from practicing medicine as a profession.
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