Pangarap ng magkapatid na anak sa labas ang makaattend ang kanilang tatay sa graduation nila.

Two children went on to Raffy Tulfo In Action in order to ask help from him to make their father attend their graduation. Shamina and Efren were graduating college and high school respectively, and have last seen their father last November of 2017. They were children born out of wedlock.

According to them, the legal wife did not allow them to communicate with their father. When Raffy Tulfo called Nila, she had said that they never approached her well and are also hurtful to them. Raffy Tulfo interevened saying that he just wanted to talk calmly about the situation. The legal wife then said that her husband could not go to Manila even if they wanted to because they lived all the way tom Samar Leyte and had no money to come and visit. Raffy Tulfo then said that he would pay for the airfare so that the two may spend time with their father.

When they arrived, Shamina decided that she would cook for her father and her little brother Efren was also more than willing to help. They packed their meals and drove to his location.

They had a tearful reunion and also discussed the situation with the legal wife, asking that they want to have constant communication with their father which the legal wife agreed under one condition. She did not want that their mother have connection with their dad, and they all agreed.

Ultimately the three got to spent time together and even spent sunsets on the beach together before shortly going to church as well.

Here are some comments by the Netizens below. Read on to see whether you agree with them or not!

“Wow This is amazing even thou I dont understand their language they look great. Is it a Filipino channel? Philippines will always have a place in my heart especially when I visited it last december very hospitable and most gullible people in the world. Love from Asgard”wrote RedhorseInMy Veins

“Kasalanan ng amang craulo yan. May asawa ka na kc nakialam ka pa ng iba at nagbunga, now kawawa mga bata. Nakakainis mga guy na ganyan. Peste!”

“Wow ang bait nang legal wife..normal naman talaga na may selos siya . Mabuti at nagka mabutihan ang mga bata sa asawa nang papa nila.”

“Halos lahat na pinapalabas dto naiiyak ako natatawa…para na akong artista kasi tumatawa din ako mag isa…..godbless sir raffy sana madami pa kayong matulungan”

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