Rita Daniela serves as an inspiration to a lot of women after starting her body positivity advocacy

The issue of having a negative body image is a topic that should be seriously taken. People who are experiencing this kind of thinking have produced a negative impact on their daily living which greatly affected their emotional and physical health.
Women are more prone to have this kind of issue. They are getting more obsessed with their weight, waistline and shape. Too much worrying about your body can lead to the development of an eating disorder and unhealthy eating habits which can sacrifice the proper nutrition that the body needs.
Having this unrealistic view about their body can damage their self esteem and confidence.

This particular issue is what encouraged the actress Rita Daniela to start an advocacy that aims to promote body positivity among women. It is also one of the main reasons why she agreed to flaunt her body and pose for a sexy magazine.

During her interview in an episode of “Tunay na Buhay,” the actress mentioned that she wants to spread the positivity with her fellow women towards how they look at their bodies. According to the “My Special Tatay” actress, she experienced how it was to be discriminated by the people around her that’s why she focused more on self love during her interview.

“Kasi, iba na ‘yung nagagawa ng social media, parang everyone’s adjusting their standards for earthly things and worldy things, and hindi dapat ganun,” Rita added.

Rita is one of the many victims of body shaming. She is being shamed because of her body that transformed from petite into a plus sized figure. Rita admitted that this past few months she gained a few pounds on her weight. Despite of her weight gain, she remains happy with her body without depriving herself from the food that she wants to eat.

The amazing thing about Rita is her being vocal about her figure.
“So ngayon, from small, I really have to go out to buy large clothes,” the actress said.
But for Rita, thick or thin, petite or plus sized, won’t change her personality.The people around her might change with the way they treat her after gaining some weight but she promised that she will remain as the Rita Daniela that we used to love.

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Sources: PEP, Facebook

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