This girl was sent to hospital for using nail cutter to remove pimples

Having pimples is one of the common problems among the youth. In the latest episode of the Kapuso weekly magazine program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, the show tackled some cases of how teenagers dealt with pimples and some expert advice on how to get rid of them.

Marchelle Baktad was rushed to hospital after her face was swollen. The reason? She tried to remove the pimples on her face by using tweezers and nail cutters. What’s worse is that the nail cutter was already old and rusty already.

Her condition was unexpectedly horrible as she was needed to be confined to monitor her condition. Her desire to instantly remove her pimples cost the family P30,000 in medical expenses.

Marchelle’s case was an example of facial cellulitis, according to Dr. Mark Jensen Sy. He said Marchelle’s skin got irritated by foreign objects and it reacted in a negative way. He highly discouraged the public from doing what Marchelle did.

After five days, the swelling on Marchelle’s face was gone. She said that she learned her lesson now

Aison, an education student, used to refuse taking selfies because of his pimples. He said that it reduced his confidence on himself.

Moreover, his classmates are usually taunting him and calling him names because of it. It became worse when he suffered from chicken pox.

With the help of technology and social media, Aison discovered that his problem could be solved if he starts using anti-bacterial soap. Luckily for him, it worked.

Now, Aison’s face is crystal clear and he now loves taking selfies and showing it on his social media account.


Kristine Cortez once stopped vlogging her beauty tips because she started getting pimples. She blames the fake makeup that was given to her by her aunt.

She said that she even had times when she was breaking down because of her pimples. Luckily, her problem was solved when she started using kalamansi on her face.

Now, she can be seen on YouTube again and inspiring more girls and boys that they can be beautiful too.


Aison and Kristine are currently celebrating for overcoming this physical problem but ML Alimon is still searching for solutions for his acne problem that even went beyond on his face and started popping on his body.

He said he tried a lot of anti-acne solution but none of them worked. This problem also brought troubles in getting a job and a love life.

ML said that his professor told him that he cannot be employed in a food company because of his acne problems. He also said that most of the people he dated were ghosting him and he blames it on his pimples.


According to Dr. Mary Jane Torres, a dermatologist, having pimples can be hereditary but it can also be solved.

Besides calamansi and anti-bacterial soap, Dr. Mary Jane also recommended having a regular check-up with dermatologists. For ML’s case, she recommended an oral treatment.



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