Woman from Texas falls into a coma after undergoing plastic surgery

Supposedly, the 36-year-old woman from Texas expected to have a pretty change in her face during a plastic surgery. However, when the operation had gone wrong, her life totally changed and it’s currently at stake.

Last October 30, Laura Avila traveled from Texas to Rino Center in Juarez, Mexico where she had the surgery for a rhinoplasty or commonly known as the nose job.

During the procedure, Laura suffered from complications because of the anesthesia injected into her spine. Instead of traveling down her body, the anesthesia went to her brain, she suffered from brain swelling, kidney and heart failure.

In order to prevent further brain damage, the hospital staff needed to put the woman in life-support. They also transferred her to another hospital in El Paso, Texas.

Unfortunately, the doctors explained there was nothing more they could do for the 36-year-old. Still, Laura’s family hope that she will eventually wake up. According to them:

“As a family, we need to decide whether we want to remove her from life-support.

We cry every single day and I think, right now, we’re just shocked and don’t want to believe it’s true, you know. She is the person I love the most on this earth, she’s a second mom to me.”


Laura’s sister Angie had also set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the medical bills.

Meanwhile, authorities in Mexico are looking into whether medical negligence played a role in the complications she suffered.

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