Cherry Pie Picache’s son is a multi-achiever student

Cherry Pie Picache is a well known actress and a multi-awarded one at that. She is known for both of her work in the mainstream side of entertainment and show business industry, as well as for her independent films. She is known for several different television appearances like !Oka Tokat, Bituin, My Binondo Girl, On the Wings of Love, The Promise of Forever, and most recently, The Blood Sisters in which she stars as the main antagonist—Adele Magtibay.

She has also starred in several films, like Foster Child—which she won international awards for Best Actress—Summer Heat—an award for best actress was given to her for her role in this film as well—Mano Po: Ako Legal Wife, Feng Shui, and most recently Love You to the Stars and Back. What most people don’t know about Cherry Pie Picache is that she is also a single mother.

In a report by, the actress believes that being in amicable terms with an ex doesn’t make one less of a person if it is for the sake of their kids. She has however raised her son Nio, all on her own. However, that does not mean to say that the father was an absentee, because he has always also been a part of his son’s life.

“I’m thankful that we’ve come to this point in our relationship as parents to Nio—it wasn’t always like this. There are parents who separate and don’t end up as good friends. I’m glad that … we no longer feel hatred, but only respect each other,” Cherry Pie Picache told the reporters of Inquirer. “We have learned to forgive and are now both committed to raising our son well.”

Cherry Pie’s son, Nio, is of course also a multi achiever, having graduated Ateneo de Manila University with flying colors He graduated as an academic silver medalist and was also one of the few St. Jean de Brebeuf most outstanding athletes awardees.

In one of her posts, the actress wrote: “It was no easy feat and you succeeded through your commitment, passion and hard work. You are a blessing my love.”Continue on being grateful for your gifts by making full use of them, being a man for others and loving above all our God who is the source of all these,” Cherry Pie Picache added.

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