Chinese Woman Becomes Unrecognizable Thanks To Her Unbelievable Makeup Transformation

Check Out This Chinese Woman’s Unbelievable Makeup Transformation



The concept of makeup has been around since ancient Egyptians. They used copper and lead ore to enhance their basic facial features. Throughout the years, before the current cosmetics industry became well established, women used different materials to use as makeup.



From using burnt matches as eyeliners, natural fruit berries as lipsticks, and even drinking ox fluids in an ill-advised effort to improve complexions, people has certainly thought of creative and do-it-yourself ways to enhancing beauty.



Lately, there has been a splurge of videos posted online that shows women or men using the power of makeup. They transformed their everyday-look into someone with almost-perfect facial features. Simply said, they used makeup to certainly boost their societal beauty points.



One woman in China recently showed her expertise in using innovative and personal ways when creating her look with make-up. She used her makeup so well that she has become a viral topic among various social media platforms.

The Chinese woman who recently became viral was much more interesting. She used a prosthetic nose and some tapes for her face. So aside from the on-fleek eyebrows, the woman also had that beautiful nose bridge and small face.







She started out with a lot of moisturizers and primers as a base foundation for her makeup. The woman, identified as Qi Huahua then used eyeliners, eyeshadows, and fake lashes to make her eyes look bigger. After finishing with the makeup for her eyes, she then proceeded to highlight and contour her face.







Netizens who viewed the video had some mixed reactions. Some people said the transformation was really shocking. Many almost think about how makeup can really change someone’s facial features. Others however, were much more positive and commended the Chinese woman for her amazing makeup skills.



Some people say that using makeup is like an art . The face serves as the canvass and the brushes and paints are the makeup tools. In a society where standards and judgments are everywhere, people sometimes resort to this art to fit in and feel good.



However, it should be duly noted that beauty is only a social construct and everyone’s perspective of it varies and changes. True and real beauty is found within – good hearts and good attitude is the true perfection that no aesthetics can ever match.



So while it is good to empower people by using makeup, it is also a worthy idea to spread the positivity and values that the real lasting beauty in this world can also be found within people.


Xem clip này mới thấy… không có phụ nữ xấu, chỉ có phụ nữ không biết làm đep mà thôi. (lời tác giả clip: Qi Huahua là nhân vật chính của video này, và đã trở nên nổi tiếng nhờ vào "biến đổi" khuôn mặt. Sử dụng trang điểm cho mình, một bộ phận giả mũi, mí mắt. lông mày, thuốc tẩy, kem… nó đi từ một chút troll đến một bản vẽ manga.).

Posted by Lâm Kiểm on Tuesday, August 7, 2018