Female Tourist Discovers A Innocent Looking “Lighter” Inside Their Hotel Bathroom That Hides A Very Dark Secret

Female Tourist Discovers A Innocent Looking “Lighter” Inside Their Hotel Bathroom That Hides A Very Dark Secret



Be careful out there, girls and guys. Whether you’re out renting a hotel room or even a normal residence make sure that you check the surroundings properly. Things may look ordinary but in reality, they actually hide a nasty surprise.



A netizen recently shared how a wife of his friend discovered a spy camera in the bathroom. They discovered the device inside their rented home in the form of an innocent-looking lighter. and . In his Twitter thread, he warned others about this:



“Guess what, you all must have thought that this is a lighter right? No, this is a spycam.” This was the caption he posted along with a photo of a blue lighter.



He further explained that his friend’s wife found the ‘lighter’ in the bathroom. The woman got curious since it was their first day on the hotel. The lighter itself is placed on an very visible area inside the bathroom that there is no way that the room attendant could have missed it.



Upon further inspection, they were shocked to discover that it contained a flash drive. A hole the size of a pinhead was also situated at the bottom for the camera. The flash drive acts as storage for any footage the spy cam may record. Apparently, when they checked, they found that the flash drive already had some photos in it.



In his post, he warned other people to check their rooms so that they wouldn’t fall victim to these perverts out there. He also advises that an easy way to check is to switch off the lights in the house and then try to look for any blinking lights as pinhole cameras usually have lights on the lens.



Meanwhile, other netizens commented that they should check other places like fitting rooms too, which may have pinhole cameras that are sometimes masquerading as clothes hooks.



A few also said that they would always check when they are in any public toilets for any suspicious holes as they are afraid that perverts would try to hide their cameras there. Always be alert and remember to keep an eye out for anything suspicious!