Ghost Passenger? Grab Driver Thought He Received Actual Money From Mysterious Customer Which Turned Into Leaves In His Wallet Later

Grab Driver Thought He Received Actual Money From Mysterious Passenger, Only to Find Leaves In His Wallet Later


Working as a driver for an e-hailing service is never easy. Drivers have to constantly face numerous challenges while trying to make ends meet. From the risk of being hit by taxi drivers to being harassed by their passengers, these drivers have their work cut out for them. However, this time, a driver faced something otherworldly.



A Twitter user, Nadnarcotic, recently shared an event that had happened to her husband, an e-hailing driver.


The husband told her that he had a bad feeling about the passenger who he presumed was Indonesian based on the way she spoke to him.

It was just a short trip and the fare only amounted to RM8 ($2 or around Php100) but the driver noticed that the passenger seemed rather strange. The lady loved to laugh according to the husband. She even laughed when he unintentionally hit a pothole.



Upon arriving at her destination, the woman gave him money and exited his vehicle. The driver placed the money in his wallet but was surprised some minutes later to find eight pieces of leaves in his wallet. Despite the low lighting condition of his car, the driver was certain that those leaves were actual money when he received it.




Some of her followers asked the husband to check the profile of the passenger but he could only view the details of the trip, not even the rating. Now it’s an even creepier mystery whether the passenger was even a real person or not.




Apparently, this was not the first time that the husband has experienced weird things while at work. Once he had to send an old lady to an area near a cemetery. Upon reaching the area, the old lady suddenly vanished. Lucky for him, the “old lady” used a promo code which meant he still got the payment.

Another event occurred when the husband stopped beside a motorbike at a junction and it was 11pm. When her husband took a look at the rider, he was faceless.



In regards to the leaves left in his wallet, a follower suggested that he was hypnotized using a spell that is very popular among Egyptians and Indonesians. The spell might be similar to what we call locally as “budol budol” where initially the money might seem real. But after a short while, it will return to its original state, either leaves or plain paper.

On the bright side, she and her husband are still thankful that the incident only cost him RM8. It could have been worse. Hopefully, after this, the husband won’t be bugged again. He just wants to earn to support the family.

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