Jehza Huelar shares she had wardrobe malfunction during Miss Supranational 2018

Jehza Huelar was the country’s representative for the recently held Miss Supranational 2018 which was held in Poland. She has been reported to have a memorable journey, as one could expect and definitely understand.

Last night, however, right after the announcement of the Top 10 finalists, something surprising had happened to the glittering gown that she was wearing. The beauty queen shared over her Instagram stories, that her gown was actually fastened by a bunch of safety pins in the back portion of it. An undisclosed netizen was reported by Philippine Entertainment Portal to have asked, “Posible kayang nasabotahe o aksidenang nasira nung isasara na?”

Of course, the beautiful Filipina contestant did not disclose any further detail about the matter and only wrote the following simply: “So this happened just after announcing Top 10 [weary face emoji]

Prior to being announced as a top 10 finalist, Jehza Huelar fared exceptionally well in the evening gown competition portion of the international beauty pageant which was held abroad.

Her journey to Poland was not as smooth as she had liked, as reports said that an unfortunate incident had happened between the dates of November 18 to 20 while the contestants were en route to Poland.

“Yes, my 6 luggage [sic] were mistakenly left by an airline in London,” she confirmed, as it seems many people lose things to and in London. “What I only got in my hand bag is a sweater, pants, 1 pair of undies, a jacket, my make up kit and all my documents including my passport, etc.”

Not long after—On November 21, specifically—she updated her fans and supporters by sharing, “BUT NOW ALMOST ALL MY LUGGAGE ARE HERE WITH ME (still missing one more).” It has been noted that the next day, all her items were complete containing all her necessities and outfits of the day. The question that sparked the interest of many was how she managed to survive the first two days.

Jehza Huelar revealed that she asked help from her friends and co-contestants. “I humbly asked the girls of [at]misssupranational to lend me some clothes I can wear in our activities,” she said as reported by For instance, the gown that she had worn to the official sashing ceremony was courtesy of the very kind Miss Vietnam, Minhtu Nguyen.

Of course, Jehza thanked the right people who helped her retrieve her things in London.

Yay for bayanihan, even outside the country!

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