LOOK: Kim Chiu’s Ka-lookalike Jelay Pilones in photos

Pinoy Big Brother is one of the longest running reality based television game shows in the country. It first aired on August of 2005 and gained such a wide recognition because it was shown in the Filipino Channel as well. It’s had several many seasons and editions since it has first launched with Pinoy Big Brother: Otso being the present one, which first aired on November 10 and is the 14th of the whole series all in all. One hopeful is named Jelay Pilones.

The many hopefuls of the show are still currently battling for the top spot and are fighting against being eliminated in the best way that they know how. One of them, Jelay Pilones looked to have it easier for sharing a resemblance with Kim Chiu. Videos of her singing Take A Bow without effort and with full and total ease has also made it to the internet and is being circulated up to now. This video was taken before she was famous of course.

The hopeful Jelay Pilones has yet to find out whether she would share the same fate as her kalokalike, Kim Chiu –who also agreed that the teenager had resemblances with her—who emerged as the big winner for their teen edition season. Jelay Pilones has now since been dubbed as the Sassy Sipag Girl of the show.

Here are more photos of Jelay Pilones before entering the Pinoy Big Brother House! Scroll on to see for yourself!

Jelai looks ultimately simple, and in a good way because her beauty is captivating this way.

She has a beautiful smile and chinita eyes that are more prominent when smiling.

Jelay also has a good taste in fashion, and not to mention a toned physique as evidenced in this particular photo right here.

Here is another photo for proof that she has good fashion sense.

Throwback! This is obviously a photo of her taken from many moons ago.

She is the eldest of four siblings and is a perseverance and hard working grade 11 student.

She is also the first female to be declared an official housemate of their batch and was immediately given a task to dress up in overalls to act like a shadow until male housemates figured out how come she was not speaking at all.

PBB: Otso airs every weeknight right after the television rdrama series Halik. It airs at 7:30pm during weekends.

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