Solo Flight: Woman Becomes The Sole Passenger Of A Scheduled Air Flight

Solo Flight: Woman Becomes The Sole Passenger Of A Scheduled Air Flight



People know Christmas season as one of happiest season of the year. It is the annual celebration where people attended numerous parties as well as giving gifts to love ones in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.



It is the kind of celebration where individuals, as much as possible, travel back home to their families to celebrate the Christmas. Commuters usually fill transport terminals as they try make it on time.



Last December 24, passenger Louisa Erispe boarded Philippine Airlines flight PR 2820. Everything seems normal until she discovered that she will be flying all alone. With no other passengers in sight, only the plane crew was with her during the unexpected solo flight.



Louisa shared her unforgettable and rare experience on the now viral Facebook post. She even joked about her situation, saying:


The lone passenger felt nervous flying all by herself as she prayed for her safety.



After the touchdown on Manila, Louisa updated that she landed safe and sound. She even added that she enjoyed switching seats during the ride.

At the end of her post, she thanked the PAL crew and Captain for the memorable and safe flight.



You might be wondering how a rare instance which is usually just a part of our wildest dreams actually came true for this netizen. Based on the comments, it seemed like this happened after PAL failed to reach Louisa about the rescheduling of her flight to an earlier time.


Louisa, a news correspondent for PTV had her ticket booked by her company. Upon her arrival at the airport, the management decided to proceed with her original 11 pm flight.





Thanks to this, she got to have a one-of-a-kind plane ride that even netizens found amazing.