Young Man Sells Body Part To Buy The Latest Trending Gadget. 7 Years Later, He Regrets His Decision

Young Man Sells Body Part To Buy The Latest Trending Gadget. 7 Years Later, He Regrets His Decision



Many of us have poke fun on the idea of selling our body parts for the latest trending gadget on the market. But in real life, the idea is not as funny as we all thought it would be. A man actually did the deal only to have a life full of regret 7 years later.


According to Chinese media, as reported by Oriental Daily, the now 24-year-old man named Xiao Wang was only 17 when the iPhone 4 was first released. All the teens including him at that time went absolutely bananas over the latest smartphone.



In fact, it was so highly desirable that it was described as a ‘must-have’ item in his school. Whoever possessed an iPhone 4 was considered to be on a higher status than the others. Xiao Wang too yearned for one but his poor family background didn’t allow that.



So, he started looking for ways to make money fast and that was when he was told that a human only needs one kidney to stay alive.

“One kidney is enough for me, why do I need the other one? Why don’t I just sell it?” he said.

Wang went around asking for places to sell his kidney and came to know an illicit underground hospital where kidney removals could be done.


He was quoted 22,000 Yuan (approximately Php 168,000) for his kidney, which was more than enough to buy an iPhone. So, he travelled from Anhui to Chenzhou, China for the procedure and immediately bought an iPhone after that. The middle man who assisted the agreement even ensured Xiao Wang that he can lead a normal life again after one week, but that was not the case.



Unfortunately, the operating environment wasn’t sanitized properly. This eventually led to an complication on his incision. To make things worst, his parents have no idea about his procedure.



They found out his situation when the teen’s condition started to deteriorate. By the time he went to a proper hospital, the function of his remaining kidney was already seriously affected.



Xiao ended up in a bad state and has spent most of his time in bed ever since. His family was plunged into a financial difficulty after having to support Xiao Wang’s haemodialysis.



Both the middle person and the underground hospital were brought to court. Xiao’s family did receive a lot of money as compensation. However, nothing can change the fact that their son’s condition will never be the same again after the ordeal.



As such, consumers are urged to spend within their means and never trade their health for anything. It has been seven years since Xiao Wang sold his kidney, and it’s highly unlikely that he can lead a normal life again.