Doctor Removes Leech From A 6-year-Old Girl’s Nose

A 6-year-old girl brought to a Vietnam hospital with swelling in her nose turned out to have something living inside her face.

The Vietnamese girl from Phin Ngan began to complain about discomfort in her nasal region.

Doctors believe the worm became lodged in the girl’s nose while she drank water from a stream. The worm was likely much smaller when she initially inhaled it and then grew in size while stuck in her nasal cavity.

A video filmed at Bat Xat General Hospital in Lao Cai province shows a doctor using tweezers to pull a still-squirming leech out of the girl’s nasal cavity.

The young girl showed remarkable poise during the extraction.

She remained calm while the doctor held her head in one hand and what looked like a device used to look inside the nasal cavity in the other.

The doctor then inserted the thin pincer and extracted the worm, which was wiggling and very much alive.

The girl did not show much emotion as the doctor held up the worm for her to see.

The doctor explained that the leech was probably smaller when it crawled up on the girl’s nose and grew larger over the course of a month. Thankfully, the little girl is okay and not expected to get any long-term complications from this incident.

Watch the video here:

This video went viral and the netizens shared their reaction towards the incident.

This would be a strict reminder to all parents to always look after your child. Or even check them out every night before going to sleep to see if there’s something wrong with them. It’s better to be careful than sorry.

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