Filipina Domestic Helper Marries Her Foreigner Husband Whom She Met Via Online Games


A viral Facebook post prove that love can be found anywhere in the world. Despite the thousand of miles separating them, a Filipina met the love of her life which happens to be on the other side of the world through a role-playing game or RPG. Their incredibly unique story went viral on social media and now they just got married.



Apparently, the woman is a Filipina-Muslim and her beau is a good-looking American man. In a Facebook post of a netizen named Daisa Guinaid Siano, she posted a video and pictures of the couple at an airport. Apparently, just shortly after their wedding, the foreign man, Triston, had to go back to his hometown.

In a promotional post for the episode on their official Facebook account, it included a statement from Samra herself, it said:

Nagtatanong kasi ako noon sa group chat habang naglalaro ng Toram Online dahil may gusto akong item na mabuo para sa character ko. Walang pumansin sa akin hanggang sa nag-message na si Triston at tunulungan ako. Sweet at gentleman siya kapag china-chat niya ako. Sabi pa niya sa akin na pinoprotektahan niya ako sa game kahit hindi ako online. Hanggang sa nagkapalagayan na kami ng loob at araw-araw ng nagkaka-chat.



In the video posted, you would see Triston hugging Samra, his bride. The caption wrote:

Ito na yung nag viral, kinasal na. Sa games lang sila nagkakilala at yung lalaki babalik na sa kanila at maiiwan muna si girl. Wow ang sweet ni boy kay girl. Mashaalla wala talaga impossible pag si Allah na ang gumawa ng tadhana.





Posted by Daisa Guinaid Siano on Saturday, December 29, 2018


The latest episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” showcased the couple’s love story. According to the documentary, Samra and Triston crossed paths through a game online. The former defeated this young professional gamer hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. Samra certainly left a mark to Triston after their encounter. He won and became a champion for most of the role playing games he played. But this loss he received from a woman left Triston not broken but rather intrigued. His curiosity grew day after day until he finally decided to initiate contact with Samra. Months passed and they friendly chitchat paved way to a love that literally crossed the seas.






Triston eventually made his way to the Philippines after Samra finished her job as a domestic helper and finally proposed to her. The online gamer loved Samra so much that he even converted his religion to Islam for her. He even followed the custom tradition of the dowry of the Muslims. Days after they finally met, Triston tied the knot with Samra in a traditional Muslim ceremony which they later followed with a modern wedding.






For Samra and Triston love is surely beyond physical presence. For them, it is not important where and how they met. What is important is their emotional investment and the relationship they were able to build together.

May nanalo na, bes!Naglaro lang daw ng Toram Online ang Pinay domestic helper na si Samra, nagka-love life na siya! Kiligin sa love story nila ng Amboy na si Triston na nagsimula lang sa paglalaro ng RPG o Role-Playing Game sa video na ito! #KMJSREAD FULL STORY:

Posted by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) on Sunday, January 6, 2019