Hard Work Pays Off! Lucky Pinay OFW Receives Gift From Employer More Than She Expected

A lot of Filipinos are risking the odds and trying their luck in working outside of the country. The odds are 50%, there will be a chance that the employer that they will get is abusive, but there is a chance that they’ll end up getting lucky and having kind-hearted and generous employers.

Just take, for example, Dina Tenerife Celo a 47-year-old domestic helper in Abu Dhabi.

A lucky Filipina who received a house and lot from her employers back in 2017 recently received another wonderful big-ticket gift: a car!

Back in 2017, Dina Tenerife Celo received Dh23,000 (Php328,600) from her employers to buy a lot in her hometown in Camarines Sur, Philippines.

Celo’s kindhearted employer Melissa McPike is an American married to an Emirati in Abu Dhabi. The couple has two children, Saeed and Saif. Because Celo had taken care of the children and had worked in the family for a long time, Ms. McPike no longer treats her as a hired helper but as a part of the family.

To give back to the domestic helper after her many years of serving the family, McPike decided to give her money for the lot. Afterward, the kindhearted employer also funded the construction of a 2-bedroom home for Celo and her family.

“It was the least she could do for Celo by helping her own her dream home. We do not consider her as an employee. She is one of our family. She has done so much for me and my children when they were young. I wanted to give back something to her,” McPike explained.

When Celo’s son also found work in the United Arab Emirates, she would take two bus rides from her employer’s home to visit her son from time to time. This worked well for the loving mom until the bus routes were changed in December 2018. Instead of taking two buses, she now has to take a total of five!

McPike took notice of this and decided to give her another gift, a car.

Netizens are so amazed how lucky Dina is. Here are some of their reactions:

She also shared that the car wasn’t the only gift she received for Christmas because McPike and her sons also gave her surprise presents.

She’s truly lucky!