Husband Worked As A Fishball Vendor For Her Wife To Become A Police But This Is What He Receives In Return

Husband Worked As A Fish Ball Vendor For Her Wife’s Studies But This Is What He Receives In Return



The married life was never easy for the couple Richell and Diana Ipapo. Like any other marriages, the two encountered financial difficulties every now and then. To improve their quality of life, the couple decided to have Diana go back to school to finish her studies. Richell on the other hand worked as a fishball vendor to support his family and his wife. With their setup, everyone would thought their plan will eventually work out.





However, things turn an unexpected and unpleasant twist for the husband upon discovering that his wife had fallen for another man. According to his accounts, Diana’s relationship happened during her training as a police officer.

Beaten and broken, Richell tries his best to win back the love of his wife. The two already had a 10-year-old child. But her love that she had for him before seems to be not there anymore. Diana appears to already made up her mind as she files for an annulment of their marriage.

It was then that Richell seek the help of Raffy Tulfo on his program Raffy Tulfo In Action.





When Raffy asked about any evidence about his wife’s alleged infidelity, Richell shared some series of picture where Diana was seen cozy with another man. The man was allegedly a fellow trainee like her. There were even rumors that Diana was already on her 7th month of pregnancy.





In the show, Diana claimed that the guy in the photos was just ‘her friend’ even if it was quite obvious that they were very sweet with each other. She insisted that he’s just a ‘sweet friend’, not her boyfriend.

Diana also set aside all of Richell’s contribution and help in the defense that it was his responsibility as a husband all along.




The estranged wife also claimed that she was a scholar. She also said that her becoming a police officer was all because of ther intelligence and hard worked.

She even stated that she no longer loves Richell and he was probably trying to go after her for the money, under the guise of asking for their child. However, Richell asserted that since he was able to send his wife to school, he could certainly afford to do the same thing for their child.






Raffy told Diana he can never anymore change her mind about Richell. But the given that the two were married, it gives the man all the legal rights to file a case against her allegedly infidelity. Raffy even stressed that if her pregnancy rumors were true, it will act as a solid evidence against her.

Diana tried to make a deal with Richell just as the show comes to an end. She even and ask him to just forgive as she would do the same if she was in his situation. However, Richell said that he was determined to pursue that case.