Julie Anne San Jose confirms break up with Benjamin Alves

During the last quarter of 2018, rumors spread about the break up of a certain Kapuso couple. Many people, especially on social media wondered if Kapuso stars, Julie Anne San Jose and Benjamin Alves have officially called it quits. The rumor started after people noticed that they both unfollowed each other on their social media accounts.

Now, PEP.ph released a video of Julie Anne saying that she is a hundred and one percent single. When asked, she also admitted that she is no longer friends with the man she recently broke up with.

The interview was fast, it only lasted for a few seconds, but it was just enough for the actress to reveal the breakup and the status of their relationship now. It may have been a bad breakup after all the tweets, posts on social media, and Julie Anne’s new hairdo. What ended the relationship? We don’t know, all we know now is that it’s over and that it’s time for them and their fans to move on.

The rumor started with a simple post on Instagram. It was on November 11 when the actress posted a photo of herself with a new hairstyle with a caption “Thank you, next.” And we all know what a new haircut means let alone Ariana Grande’s latest hit “Thank u, Next” means. All pieces of evidence from that one simple post were enough to start the rumor, which is what exactly happened at the time.

PEP Troika’s Jerry Olea shared his thoughts on the issue last November and straight up said that he never thought the relationship would last. According to him, there is absolutely no chemistry and that the tandem didn’t help either of their careers.

Netizens, however, are far more opinionated when it comes to the breakup. Many of them were commenting about their respective careers that haven’t flourished in their years in the industry. Some commented saying that they didn’t even know they were dating. There were fans of Julie Anne who commented saying that like every other obstacle in life, she will definitely get through this one.

Source: pep