Man Makes An Honest Living As A Food Delivery Rider Despite His Disability

Man Makes An Honest Living As A Food Delivery Rider Despite His Disability



Food delivery is a courier service in which a restaurant, store, or independent food delivery company delivers food to a customer. Delivery serves as an alternative option to people who wants the taste of outdoor food without the hassle of travelling.



Braving the rain, the heat or heavy traffic is no easy feat for any food delivery service rider. Delivery men faces the everyday challenges of the streets to make sure clients receives their the ordered items right on time.





Most of food delivery services make use of motorcycles as their means of transport. Riding those two-wheeled vehicle need steady and strong arms to navigate the streets. But can you imagine what is it like riding a bike without any arms?





A netizen took to social media to speak spoke of his amazement at his foodpanda rider Syahrain Fadzil in Malaysia. This rider ne seemed to go above and beyond, carrying out his duties as a food delivery service rider. He does his work like any regular rider receiving substantial income to make the ends meet despite having special needs.


Netizens responded to the video by showing support for Shahrain. Many astonished at his effort to work hard, becoming a real inspiration for many. His motorcycle riding skills definitely despite his condition certainly amazed others.





When asked if he faces any issues while doing his job, the rider simply said, “None,” explaining that he was “just used to it.”

“There’s no excuse not to make an honest living and instead beg for money from others,” the netizen said in his post.