WATCH: Newly wed couple pushed through with their first dance despite muddy reception venue

A newly wed could continued with their first dance despite muddy reception place.

A video of a newly-wed couple is going viral on the internet as they danced on an ankle-deep mud during the reception of their wedding. A netizen named Bebsan Mercader Jimenez posted some videos of the now married couple on her Facebook account last January 9. The video was featured in a news program where they got some details about what really happened.

Rosejean Pasilan and Jonel Noynay got married last December 29 at Brgy. Cagbatang, Cataingan, Masbate. Masbate is one of the provinces that typhoon Usman passed by, leaving traces of it such as the wet and muddy ground.

Instead of postponing the wedding, the couple decided to push through with it because some of the invited guests will have to come from far places. They also want to save themselves from the hassle of inviting people again and organizing the event for a second time. Rain or shine, the wedding will push through.

Though the wedding proper went on successfully, the reception did not go as smoothly as it should be. They decided to do the reception at their place. It was an open venue celebration, thus, the newly-wed couple and the guests had to endure the muddy place.

The couple pushed through with their first dance, but in exchange of that, their wedding attires became completely covered with mud. Their feet were submerged in the ankle-deep mud, making it hard for them to move as much as they can. Their shoes were also covered in mud. But the bride probably had it worse. Since she was wearing a white long gown which extends to the ground, the fabric just absorb the mud and dirt. Though the woman looked like she does not really mind it at all. Perhaps dancing with her beloved is more important than anything, including her wedding gown.

The guests did not leave the two behind. According to Bebsan, they guests still enjoyed the after-party despite the venue. Some of them also walked on the muddy ground to clip paper bills on the newly-wed’s clothes. This is a marriage tradition, especially to those living in rural areas and provinces.

As of writing, the Facebook post has already been shared by more than 28,000 netizens online.

This is not the first time that a couple’s wedding push through despite obstacles such as calamities. Last August 2018, a couple went on with their wedding despite the church being flooded because of a typhoon. Like the previous couple, they just save themselves from the stress of organizing the wedding if they decided to postpone it. Besides, walking in a flooded aisle made their wedding even more memorable.


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Posted by Bebsan Mercader Jimenez on Tuesday, January 8, 2019



Source: Facebook