Raffy Tulfo turns over a 16-year-old boy who ended a man’s life in Occidental Mindoro

Boys like 16-year-old Jericho of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro are expected to just study, play, and mingle with other people. At such young age, however, Jericho did something a lot of teenagers don’t even want to be accused of: ending someone’s life.

Jericho ended the life of an undisclosed individual in their barangay by putting a knifing her nape on December 5, 2018.

Fathers would usually do to make their sons innocent if this happened but in this case, it was the Jonathan, the father of Jericho who made him surrender.

Jericho and his father Jonathan went to public service personality and veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to arrange his way to police authorities so that he can be put behind the jail.

Jericho told Raffy that he was just hanging out with his friends when the victim, who was under the heavy influence of hard beverage, went to him and punched him out of nowhere. He was also startled when the victim even attempted to hit him with a rock.

This caused for him to think of horrible things to the man, which resulted in the end of the victim’s life.

SPO3 Versuelo Garcia, chief investigator of San Jose Municipal Police Station, said Jericho knifed the victim on the nape.

Raffy said Jericho might just be protecting his own life but still, he must be turned over to the police.

Jericho and Jonathan then went back to San Jose and he was fetched by the police in the airport.

According to officials, since he is still a minor, he will be turned over first to Municipal Social and Welfare Development for further assessment.

Despite missing the chance to be put behind bars, Jericho can still face charges that will be heard on the court.

The family cried to each other when Jericho is fixing his things in his new place in MSWD. Jericho kept saying sorry to his family for what he did.

It was also revealed that the whole incident was caught in a CCTV camera. Based on the CCTV footages, it was Jericho who ended the life of the man.

The CCTV footages were eventually turned over to the court as they will assess and decide for the fate of Jericho.

What do you think of this case? Do you think Jericho was just defending himself? Do you think he deserves a special consideration especially that he is just a minor? Let us know in the comments section below!


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