Former beauty queen Tina Marasigan braves crowd to touch Black Nazarene

The Feast of the Black Nazarene draws millions of Filipinos coming from all walks of life on January 9 of every year. Regardless of one’s social status and gender, every Catholic faithful is welcome to join the annual procession. However, accepting the challenge entails risks. For former beauty queen Tina Marasigan, no matter how rough the destination is, she will do everything to touch the miraculous Black Nazarene.

Beyond touching the tangible statue, attending Traslacion reflects Tina’s devotion. Obstacles might have come along the way but she did not let those bring her down. In her Instagram post (@tina_marasigan), Tina was seen braving the crowd who all wished to touch the dark-colored statue. Her fellow devotees carried her enough to reach the andas or carriage. Much more than the people’s devotion, the footage reflects the Bayanihan spirit of the Filipinos.

Attached to her Instagram video is a lengthy caption that describes the journey of devotees who risked themselves in a serious attempt to pray for miracles. A part of her caption read as:

“Beyond the gesture of literally touching the tangible, is the gift of this journey’s reflection. That the path to the destination WILL BE ROUGH but it is the very core of it, the soul of it. That you made the decision to climb despite possible defeat—FAITH. And in every fall, in every failure, is a decision to continue. A few will pull you down and inflict extraordinary pain. But the rescuing hands and unknown lifts from behind will remind you that this journey is yours.”

In another post, she shared a screencap of her finally getting to hold the Black Nazarene. Consequently, her utmost devotion to the Black Nazarene won many netizen’s admiration. Despite her busy schedule, Tina managed to continue her religious tradition.

Tina is a former beauty queen, model, and now a news anchor for ABS-CBN News. She competed at the 2009 Ford Supermodel of the World and ended up as one of the finalists. She also joined Binibining Pilipinas pageant in 2011.

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