Vietnamese woman marries online lover despite her parents’ objection, finds out later on he’s a rich businessman

Dating and meeting a prospective lifelong partner has evolved through the years, gone are the days when you really have to go out to meet new people. Nowadays, everything is just a click or swipe away through the help of social media and online dating applications.

However, falling in love through the virtual world could be tricky as anyone could only be faking their identities and hiding behind their keyboards. But one lady had proven to herself and to her family as well that the internet is not a very dangerous place after all. In fact, this can also turn your life 360-degrees and make you live your own fairy tale.

Meet Nguyen Van Anh, a Vietnamese decently gorgeous lady whose love story is now going rounds on social media after she decided to marry the man she just met online.

According to QQ News, Anh is quite a good catch for a woman; she graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology with flying colors and managed to land a well-paying job afterward. Although Anh never runs out of suitors since her college days, it seems that she has not yet found “the one”, not until she met Dang Tuan.

In May 2016 while browsing on social media, she Anh came across a photo of Dang Tuan together with her celebrity idol. Thinking that Dang is somehow connected to the celebrity, she sent him a message on Facebook and tried her luck to get close to her idol.

Dang Tuan was quick to reply but unfortunately, he is not connected with the celebrity and just a simple fan like Anh. Since then, they started getting to know each other. Anh found out that Dang Tuan is also a Vietnamese who is based in Russia.

Long story short, Anh and Dang Tuan have “found love in a hopeless place” and eventually become a couple in November 2016. After enduring 10-months of long distance relationship, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level.
However, Anh’s parents strongly opposed this idea and said that she will only regret marrying the man she just met online. Dang Tuan fly to Vietnam to meet Anh’s parents and explained his real intention, but to no avail.

After quite some time, Anh’s family eventually gave their blessing and the couple flies to Russia in March 2017 to plan their wedding.

This is when Anh discovered that the man she met online is actually filthy rich, he is a businessman and a general manager of a popular fashion brand. It turns out that Dang Tuan did not let Anh know about his wealth on purpose to see if Anh will still love him despite being an average guy.

On April 9, 2017, Anh and Dang Tuan finally got married in a lavish celebration at a five-star hotel in Hanoi. Since then, the couple has been based on Russia and now happily married with two kids.
Anh said that even without his richness, she is still ready to marry Dang Tuan because it was his personality that he loved the most, not his bank account.

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