Viral Groom suddenly left His bride a month before the wedding

She thought she’s going to enter 2019 as a married woman to the love of her life but just a month before their December wedding, her fiancé suddenly got cold feet and backed out.

Mary Rose Besmonte sought help from veteran broadcaster and public service personality Raffy Tulfo in getting her runaway groom Melvin Tamayo talk and discuss why he suddenly left her in the middle of planning their wedding.

Mary Rose and Melvin first met in Taiwan where they are both overseas Filipino worker. The two got along so well and fell in love. Later on, the two agreed to get married.

The two planned to become husband and wife on December 23. Melvin went back to the Philippines and to plan it furthermore. He and his mother later convinced Mary Rose to come back to the Philippines earlier than she planned so that their plan can be pushed through.

Mary Rose followed Melvin and her future mother-in-law and went back to the Philippines to help in planning their wedding. However, the day Mary Rose did not expected came and it broke her; Melvin suddenly left her without any prior notice.

She only found out that Melvin is backing out from the wedding through his mother.
Mary Rose shared some problems they encountered like how she wants to go back to Taiwan after the wedding but Melvin wanted to settle down in the Philippines

She was also prevented by Melvin and his mother to push her plans in working in Canada.
The show called Melvin to finally clarify his side and they successfully contacted him as he agreed to finally talk to Mary Rose about what happened.
Melvin said one simple reason why he backed out of the wedding: He doesn’t want to spend the future with Mary Rose.
He said that he cannot imagine the two living together since a small disagreement can snowball into a big conflict between the two. Moreover, Melvin said that Mary Rose has been disrespecting her mother and he doesn’t want that.

Mary Rose denied that she was disrespecting Melvin’s mother but she complained that his mother has been interfering with their relationship all too often.
Melvin said that he can file charges against her for embarrassing him in the public by airing their problem in national television. Raffy then responded that he doesn’t see enough grounds for libel.
The two had a closure on the show as Melvin said he doesn’t want to work this out anymore and he wants to move on to another chapter of his life.

Mary Rose, on the other hand, said she will focus on fixing herself and she will not enter a relationship for the meantime.

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