Wedding Ends In Disaster After Bride Discovers The Truth Behind Her Wedding Cake

Wedding Ends In Disaster After Bride Discovers The Truth Behind Her Wedding Cake



A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. The event is usually associated with happy memories. Relatives and friends bare witness to two loving individuals as they become one. From the wedding church, clothes to dress, to the reception, people invest both time and money to celebrate the unforgettable event.



Recently, Facebook post went viral as a sweet wedding turned into a bitter ending upon the bride discovers what inside her wedding cake. Instead of going to their honeymoon after the ceremony, the parties involved ended in the police station to complain about the incompetence and troubles brought by their wedding coordinator on their very special day.





Shine Tamayo, 26, and her partner Jhon Chen, 40, had paid 140,000 pesos to their wedding planner to supply food and decorations at their reception in Pasig City, the Philippines.

However, upon arrival after the church ceremony, they discovered that not only was there no food for their guests – their two-tiered dessert was a fraud.





The newlyweds were forced to visit a restaurant across the road to purchase trays of noodles, rice and other food which they brought to their reception, held at a local hotel.

The exhausted bride was devastated to be serving greasy street food and blackcurrant squash to her guests, but once she went to cut the cake it went from bad to worse.





When Ms Tamayo sliced through the icing, she discover it had been stuffed with polystyrene. The humiliated bride covered her face and broke down in floods of tears in front of her family and friends. She was so distraught that guests took her – and their caterer – to the local police station.



Officers inspected to two-tier wedding cake – confirming that the base was made entirely from foam wrapped in red icing – and questioned wedding planner Krissa Cananea.

Ms Tamayo said today: ‘The woman we paid to do the food has ruined my wedding. She’s a liar. She always asked me for money and I always gave her what she needs because I wanted my wedding to be perfect.



‘I will not accept sorry from her, an apology is not good enough, she needs to go to jail because she ruined my wedding.

‘I have never been so humiliated in all my life. This was supposed to be one of my most treasured memories for my entire life. Instead it is the worst.’



Read the whole message below:

“Yung tipong pagkatapos sana ng wedding ay honeymoon na, kaso sa presinto ang deretso! Ateng malaking eskandalo, abala at kahihiyan ang ginawa! Di ka na naawa sa ikinasal! Unang dating pa lang namin alam na naming heto ang mangyayari eh, pero di kami nagback–out dahil andito na eh, coordinator ka pero di mo inayos! San napunta ang 140k?”



“Yung simbahan walng bulaklak, yung pagkain sa karenderia lang binili kasi nga walang pagkain na nakahain, at yung ikinasal pa yung nagshoulder which is di naman tama na sila pa ang nagkakandarapa, ako na translator naging waitress, tagaasikaso ng guests na ultimo tubig wala! Takbo dito, takbo doon,my goodness! Tapos pag tinatanong ka anong next sa program, ikaw pa galit. Yung isang beses lang mangyayari sa tanang buhay nila pero anong nangyari? Diyos ko, yung bbq mo nasaan? Eh 107 na katao magdadala ka lang ng dalawang Andoks (pangalan ng kilalang bilihan ng roasted chicken).”



“Yung 2 layer–cake hayan ang ganda, styro lang at pinatungan ng isa,bongga ang hotel pati reception pero tinipid mo lang, yung wine juice lang, tapos oras na ng bayaran sasabihin mo walang cash? Deposit na lang bukas, aba’y saan napunta ang 140,000? Diyos me Marimar, kesyo tinakbuhan ka ng business partner mo, nasa airport na, ninakawan ka pa? Tsk! Very wrong ate!”



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