7 Local Celebrities Who Became Moms Before Marriage

Celebrities are public figures whose lives are always in the limelight. Although they’re trying hard to keep their lives private, paparazzi and fans will always find a way to get updates about them. These are some of the proofs that celebrities can’t have a private life. We have here the list of celebrities who became mothers before their marriage.

1. Camille Prats
She gave birth to her first baby back in 2008 before tying the knot with her partner, Anthony Linsangan. Their marriage didn’t last long for Lansangan died in the year 2011.

2. Melissa Ricks
At the age of 24, she got pregnant with her first baby. She then gave birth and became a mom before her marriage.

3. Katrina Halili
After she broke up with Kris Lawrence back in 2014, Katrina Halili became a single mom to her daughter whom she gave birth to in 2012.

4. Sarah Lahbati
She got pregnant with Zion in 2013 and now, she’s already pregnant with her second child. Richard and Sarah are already talking about marriage since they are already engaged.

5. Cristine Reyes
Before she tied the knot with Ali Khatibi, she first became a mom to Amara whom she gave birth to back in 2014.

6. Jennylyn Mercado
She shocked the whole world after she announced her pregnancy. Her former partner got her pregnant at the age of 21. Eventually. Patrick Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado parted ways.

7. Andi Eigenmann
She’s doing the ‘Agua Bendita’ when she got pregnant with baby Ellie. Her pregnancy became the subject of controversy after she claimed that Albie Casino is the father although the real father is Jake Ejercito.

Source: Chismx

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