DJ Raqi Got Jealous Over Popular Viner Tim Sawyer’s Newest Baby? Watch This!

Tim Sawyer is a popular Vlogger or Viner online who does hilarious videos, while DJ Raqi is one of the most popular DJ’s in Yes! 101.1 FM radio station. But then, what do you think would happen when two personalities clashed?

DJ Raqi and Tim Sawyer are currently under fire after rumors that DJ Raqi got jealous of Tim Sawyer’s new baby spread like a wildfire online.

It all started when Tim Sawyer posted a video of him being sweet and clingy to another girl who they called ‘China’. In the viral video, he was seen hugging the girl while singing her a song, he was even seen kissing her cheeks and getting cozy.

When you check the comment section, you’d see Tim Sawyer’s comment wherein he posted a screenshot of DJ Raqi’s post that reads: “Ang kabit parang China phone, nakakaakit ang itsura pero mababa ang quality.”

That being said, a lot of people quickly assumed that DJ Raqi got jealous over Tim Sawyer’s new baby. This is probably the main reason why she chose to call him on her show.

She called Tim and they talked about a few things. After a few moments, Raqi told Tim that he’s on live, to which he responds to with the words: “Sus, kunwari ka pa sinasadya mo lang na ineere mo ko sa ano nyo.”

It was then when the kissing video of Tim was brought up with him asking DJ Raqi if she’s jealous of China. As expected, DJ Raqi denied the allegations.

Tim quickly defended himself and admitted that he only did the video with China, who happens to be his friend, to make DJ Raqi jealous.

DJ Raqi then said: “Una sa lahat, bakit ako magseselos? Pangalawa sa lahat, harhar ka Tim, harhar.”

Instead of getting mad, Tim simply said: “I miss you already, Raqi. I miss you.”

Raqi then finishes her conversation with Tim and said “Sige na, see you when I see you nalang. Kung kalian man ‘yun ulit. Hahaha!”


Posted by Tim Sawyer on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

hindi ako sweet baby ?

Posted by Tim Sawyer on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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