Former Star Magic Artist Don Laurel, Is Now A Policeman In Toronto, Canada

A former Star Magic actor had chosen a police badge over the television scripts! Former Star Magic actor Don Laurel bid goodbye to his life as an actor and chose to serve the people in Canada for he is now a police officer in Toronto, Canada.

The Police officers of the 32 Division in Toronto were confused everytime Constable Don Laurel would do calls because there were some people who would follow them just because they recognized him as a popular actor.

“When he went out on the road and did some calls I noticed that he had a little bit of a fanfare following him around and recognizing him,” said Sergeant Lawrence Sager of the Toronto Police Service 32 Division.

Everything only became clearer when they discovered that Don Laurel was once a star in the Philippines.

Don Laurel appeared in the 90s television shows like the 90s Filipino teen drama series, Gimik and Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan wherein he worked with Claudine Barretto and Carlos Agassi.

However, Don Laurel clearly stated that he chose the police badge over the scripts because ever since he was a kid, he had always dreamt of becoming a police officer.

“I’m very proud to wear this uniform and helping out not just the Filipino community as well, but the whole city of Toronto,” Constable Laurel said.

Currently, he’s already living the dream for nine years as a frontline officer for the 32 Division.

Since then, Laurel has already contributed a lot to the Philippines who are considered as the second largest ethnic community in Toronto.

Don Laurel works with the Philippine Consulate in Toronto and holds information sessions for newcomers. It is also his job to explain the laws and rights to these newcomers.

According to Laurel, his former job as an actor has really helped a lot on this job.

“I’m always looking for people that can represent the police service in a professional way that can talk well to people and can interact and he has the advantage of knowing language,” said Superintendent Sam Fernandes.

Laurel even tells his kababayans not to hesitate to seek help.

“I just want them to know that it’s ok to speak, we’re there to help you,” he said.

Source: ABS-CBN

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