Beauty in all shapes: Thai couple proves that looks aren’t everything in love

Do you believe the saying “love is blind”? How about “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Well, if you answered no to both of that, the love story of Thai couple 37-year-old Boonmee Khanthong and 23-year-old Phatsara Obnak will make you eat your words.

Just this year, the two of them exchanged vows in their village, northeast of the Surin province and they couldn’t be happier! A lot of people had bad things to say about the couple and some of them were just downright brutal. Why? Well, if you take  look at the two lovebirds, then you’ll notice there’s quite a difference in their looks.

According to sources, Boonmee Khanthong suffered from broken capillaries when he was young which resulted to the deformity of his lower lip. Not for a lack of effort, he did try to get treatment from Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital but unfortunately, they didn’t have enough funds for the operation.

All his life, Boonmee Khanthong struggled with factory work because he couldn’t speak with his condition. Fortunately for him, Mr. Virat Saothong, a kind-hearted contractor gave him a job.

So how did the two of them meet? Well, when he’s not working with Mr. Saothong, Boonmee Khanthong helps his sister sell papaya salad and that’s where he met Phatsara Obnak.

What made Phatsara say yes?

Turns out, Boonme Khantong has a big heart and he takes good care of Phatsara and her daughter from a previous marriage.

Compared to Boonme, Phatsara’s husband who was a gambler had nothing on the sweet 37-year-old man!

Some netizens gave their approval to the lovely couple.

Of course, even with all this info, there were still some netizens who couldn’t believe what they’re seeing. Some of them just decided to take a dig on Boonmee Khantong’s physical appearance.

People can say whatever they want but for this Thai couple, they’re with the most beautiful and loveliest person they could ever be.

Source: Manila Flash
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