Woman no longer alive and her husband is to blame

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Although we use as our source they do not show where they got their information. We are unable to find more credible sources to verify the authenticity of the story below. The story does have good morals, but due to the lack of verifiable sources, this article should be considered a work of fiction.

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A woman is not a piece of property. Whether single or married, a woman should never be treated like an object or a slave. In the olden days, people strongly believed that men held a higher position and that women should always learn to obey their husband’s wishes. Over time, standards have changed and women have learned how to speak up for themselves, earning them a higher place in the society. Sadly, not everyone has the strength to do that.

The woman in this story is one of those women. Lisa, a 35 year old gave birth to a baby girl last October. After childbirth, she was given medicinal substances to help expidite her recovery and to also give extra nutrients and vitamins in order for her to breastfeed her baby without complications. The doctor also told her to stay a few more days so they could monitor her while she was trying to recover from a very rough delivery.

Unfortunately, her mother-in-law and her husband disagreed with the doctor’s wishes. Her mother-in-law claims that childbirth is natural and there was no need for her to stay in the hospital. “You can go back home tomorrow,” She said.

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The following day, her husband forced her to sign the discharge form from the hospital. “Our home is better than the hospital,” said her husband. The doctor did not like their decision because Lisa was not yet fully recovered and that she needed more time.

“It is just the same routine for Lisa and her baby. Another day in the hospital would cost more money while we can just take care of her at home like you do here,” the mother-in-law said to the doctor.

When Lisa returned home, she was made to do house chores.

Just a little bit of a background, the ideal recovery time for women after child birth is a minimum of two weeks. Mothers should stray away from stress and strenuous labor. What Lisa was doing was the complete opposite. She was not given the chance to take care of her baby because her husband and mother-in-law were too busy ordering her around the house.

They never wanted to hire a helper to do the chores because it was a huge waste of money and they solely depended on Lisa to do everything for them. Her husband, knowing her struggles to do all the work at home, never really thought that it was a hazard to her since his mind was set on the fact that she was his wife, and she should do everything for him.

One day, her body started giving up and she felt tired. Her head was pounding so she asked her husband and mother-in-law to eat while she took a nap. When she got to the bedroom she collapsed onto the floor. Her baby started crying out of hunger, with her mother-in-law telling her she was useless and shouting at her to wake up and feed her baby.

Instead of tending to the baby, her mother-in-law and her husband continued to eat. The baby was still crying after they had finished their meal. The mother-in-law then shouted: “Hey, time to wash the dishes!”. But Lisa remained motionless on the floor. Her husband felt that something wasn’t right, so he went to the room and found his wife lying motionless on the floor. He took her to the hospital, only for them to confirm that she was no longer alive

Tests came out showing that her end was caused by extreme fatigue and stress which caused her heart to grow weak. Her husband, still in disbelief, broke down into tears, begging Lisa to forgive him for being so selfish.

Lisa’s parents soon arrived at the hospital and found out that their daughter was gone. When they found out the cause, they immediately decided to file a case against Lisa’s husband and her mother-in-law.

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People should be treated with respect all the time. What people don’t realize is kindness doesn’t cost anything and people should know that. Marriage should never be a dictatorship, but it should be a commitment to both parties, centered around love, respect and faithfulness. This is a lesson for everyone.


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