Xander Ford Will Be Dating Andrea Brillantes On Valentine’s Day?

Can you still remember Xander Ford? Before he became a well-known personality with his name Xander, he was first known as Marlou Arizala who rose to fame after he built his own boyband called Hasht5. Apart from that, Marlou Arizala also became an internet sensation because of his videos on Facebook that are indeed entertaining. But then, his life truly changed when he underwent a cosmetic surgery. He bid goodbye to Marlou Arizala and is now introducing himself as Xander Ford, the newest version of Marlou.

Despite going under the knife, Xander still became the center of bashing online, with the netizens asking him to get his attitude fixed as well.

And since he’s already a part of the showbiz industry, he had previously stated that he would love to be paired with Miles Ocampo again after their stint in Home Sweetie Home. But then, he was quick to reveal that he would prefer Andrea Brillantes more.

In fact, just recently, Xander Ford had the opportunity to have a photo with Andrea Brillantes. Their photo was then posted online with the caption: “When you See your Lodi, crush papicture (sic).”

Aside from that, on his Instagram account with the handle @iamxanderford, another photo of him with Andrea was posted, but this time, he claimed that Andrea will be his date on February 15.

As of this writing, the post has already garnered a total of 3,658 likes from the netizens online.


Meanwhile, the netizens’ opinion varies on this post. Read the comments from the netizens below:

Source: Instagran | PUSH

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