A married couple shares their experience on how they saved their premature baby

Married couple Mike Curwood and Briony Curwood had it all – a smooth-sailing and steady romantic relationship, perfectly stable respective careers, and an incoming child on the way.

However, their supposedly happily-ever-after ending suddenly shifted into an unwanted tragic situation.

According to them, it only needed a sonogram test to destroy everything that they have dreamed and built together as a married couple.

Their world started to crumble into pieces after finding out the result of Briony Curwood’s pregnancy. As stated on the findings in her ultrasound, they should be expecting a baby girl.

But, unfortunately, the exciting announcement turned out to be a traumatic situation. According to their attending doctor, the child inside her womb suddenly stopped growing. Moreover, the doctor even described it as a very rare situation.

But despite the disheartening announcement from the doctor, the married couple did not easily give up. So, in attempt to save the child, Briony Curwood needed to give birth earlier than expected.

“They told me I’d to prepare to give birth either that day or the next morning. I was excited at first because I thought I was going to see my baby. I didn’t know anything about prematurity as we always had 10-pound babies in my family. But then I realized it was way too early and I got really scared.”

As it turned out, she had to undergo a cesarean section (CS) operation. Soon after she gave birth, the child – whom they named Ava Grace – only weighted for roughly 600 Grams.

“She didn’t look like a baby. She looked just like a little doll. Her ears hadn’t come out of her head properly.”

At first, the married couple thought Ava Grace will not survive – considering she was premature at that time. Luckily, she successfully escaped her expected fate.

“I asked if she would survive and they told me to take it hour by hour. Then it was week by week. But she was an absolute trooper and, to look at her now, you would never know all she had been through.”

As of now, Ava Grace is happily living like a normal child today.

Source: showbizread

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