Heartwarming written notes from her brother’s diary!

Karinda was born eldest with two siblings. a 6 years old followed him, Jemar; and their youngest, 5-month-old, Kel; while she was 14 years old.

She was assigned to watch over her siblings during the holidays because their mother’s job is during nighttime and their father is a tricycle driver but into vices and often out of their house. There are times that her father is not going home, for a couple of days.

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The girl was annoyed about her life. Some of her classmates have good cellphones and she holds the old Nokia model. She did not know why his parents took him from her “lolo” and “lola”. Her life there was nice. But she answered her own question by saying “ahh yes. To take care of my siblings”.

Karinda is not close to her parents, simply because she was not raised by them. And after years of abandoning her, they gt her from her comfortable life just to do childcare for her siblings. She is not even lifting any fingers in her grand parent’s house.

It’s hard to take care of a 5 months baby, good she has her 6-year-old brother Jemar. At least she can ask him to do some chores however she cannot avoid being annoyed with him because he also needs childcare. So Karinda always screams at him and always mad at him even if he does nothing against her.

One night, Karinda is wrapping the notebooks of Jemar for school, when the baby cried. She immediately took it and ordered Jemar to get the milk upstairs, however, the boy was busy writing on a notebook. He’s always doing it every night .

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“Jm make it fast! i dont know what to do here! “she shouted to him.

“Yes,” he said while rushing through the stairs.

“Ate, the milk bottle here is already, done” he said from above.

While Karinda is carrying the baby, she tried to make her a milk but since the baby is frisky, he accidentally kicked the can of milk which iritates Karinda.

“Leche!” Karinda shouted.

The seemingly embarrassing baby was silent, just staring at her.

“Ate, don’t shout at kel, maybe he is just hungry,” Jemar said.

“Am i talking to?! Stop answering when im not talking to you! you are not the one suffering! can you even carry this baby?! if you can then you can leave here in the house all by yourselves!” Karinda shouted to her brother.

The boy was hurt and went into his room. Shortly after, the baby was asleep Karinda fixes the notebooks of JM.

She picked up the diary of Jemar,

My big sister is the one fixing my items. This was written earlier today, and this is what Jemar is busy doing. She thought that she was not getting any attention from her siblings but Jemar is proud of her.

He turned the next page with a date from the other day, she saw a writing, ” si ate minsan masungit pero hindi nasagot”.

Teary eyed, Karinda continues to read her brothers diary and she saw that its all about her.

Her sibling is so proud of her and loves her so much.

Karinda almost got tired because her brother was writing about her, just after she had broken the pages.

“My ate, I love her so much”

“I love you ate.”

Karinda realized that her brothers were not guilty of the sins of her parents, they were like her, need love. In fact, she was so selfish but in spite of that, her brother still loves her.

Starting that day, she promised that she will fulfill the shoes of being the parent to her siblings.

Children grew up loving their big sister.

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