Homeless Man Searched for the Owner of a lost Purse Containing Money and an iPhone! Faith in Humanity, RESTORED!

A homeless man might be poor and may have barely eaten a decent food, but his honesty makes him the richest person on earth.

Most people tend to think that homeless people are worthless and that they won’t do you any good so as much as possible, you should stay away from them. What they all didn’t know is the fact that each and every homeless man has their own story behind their failure. What’s important is the fact that despite having nothing, they still keep their good traits with them.

Just recently, a homeless man took the internet by a storm after his story was posted on social media.

Here’s how the story goes: A 20-year-old woman from Breighmet named Daisy Owen, went on a night out with her friends when she realized that she had lost her handbag. Apparently, her handbag contains her house keys, iPhone and even her $300 cash. She had no idea where she’d start looking for her handbag that night.

Coincidentally, a homeless man named Paul Calderbank came across a lost handbag outside a pub. When he noticed that it was lost, he made a decision to make it his mission to find the real owner of the bag. Paul walked down the streets to search for the owner of the handbag but no one claimed it. For two more days, he sought for the owner. He’s afraid that the handbag might fall into the wrong hands yet he still chose to search for its owner.

His hardships paid off because he managed to bump into one of Daisy’s friends who informed her through Facebook, telling her that her handbag was found by a homeless.

Daisy said, “Most people second guess homeless people.”

“If I was in that position then I would have sold all of the stuff to improve my life – but Paul didn’t. My faith has genuinely been restored in humanity-it’s amazing.”

Paul, who barely had anything and couldn’t even afford to buy food for himself, didn’t take a single penny out of Daisy’s money. This homeless man even secured the lady’s handbag by attaching a note to it just in case he’s accused of stealing it.

“Did not want to tell anyone in town because they would have tried to blag me saying its one of there friends. Cant trust anyone in town and was worried in case anybody thought I was keeping it.”

“I want to locate the true owner and personally hand all her belongings back to her because I am a honest person now. Because to me it feels so good to do the right thing, and there is money in purse and I have not taken a penny.”

Daisy then shared the story on social media and said, “I got a message off a friend asking if I lost all my stuff. He said that a homeless man had been stopping all girls around my age and asking them if they knew Daisy Owen.”

“As soon as I got the message I raced straight into Bolton. I was trying to talk to all the homeless people I could see. I had just about admitted defeat when I saw a group of three homeless people and asked them.”

Daisy also revealed that Paul questioned her to make sure that she’s the one who owns the handbag.

Daisy said: “He was going to walk all the way to my house to make sure it got there safely. It is incredible that he literally searched for two days to try and find me so that he could give it to me personally. He said that he used to be an honest man and that being kind gives him a buzz.”

As a token of gratitude, Daisy tried to find a permanent home for Paul. He also bought warm winter clothes and some food. They have already managed to raise over 2,196 pounds (approx. US$2,980).

Daisy said, “I just really hope that I can pay him back in the way of this fundraising.”

“At the moment he is staying in a hostel, but he can’t afford it anymore so I either want to put the money towards a deposit on flat or few months at the hostel.”

Source: NTD.TV

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