Honest taxi driver returns PHP 2M left behind by a Chinese national in his vehicle

How would you react if you stumbled upon millions of pesos with no one around? Some would easily bring it home and claim it as their own. It’s not easy to live in such an expensive world and there are those who would seize every opportunity to become rich. However, there are people like this honest taxi driver who chose to become a good role model.

It turns out that this taxi driver named Eduardo Matusalem found a briefcase lying inside his vehicle onJune 13. He was in the middle of a drive when he noticed it and immediately thought to bring it to TV5.

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Sadly, the “Action Center” was closed so Eduardo looked for a place to park his vehicle. He decided to spend the night there in order to keep the briefcase safe for when the center opens the next day. This inspiring taxi driver didn’t even think about the small profit he earned from cutting his shift short.

“Kinaumagahan, nai-surrender niya agad ang maleta sa staff ng Solian ng Bayan. At nang buksan ito sa harap ni Mang Eduardo, bumulaga sa kanya ang 元240,000 (Yuan) — 2,001,766.63 sa Piso. Sa tulong ng ID na nasa bagahe at sa pamamagitan ng Facebook, nahanap agad ang may-ari nito na si Junyi Tao, isang Chinese National.”

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When the time came for the two men to meet, Junyi Tao couldn’t help but hug Eduardo for his honest act. The Chinese national thought that he wouldn’t ever see his money again.

“Agad ding binigyan ni Tao si Mang Eduardo ng 10K bilang pasasalamat. Ililibre rin siya nito ng dinner kasama ang kanyang pamilya. 20 years na daw taxi driver si Mang Eduardo at ipinagmamalaki niyang nataguyod niya ang kanyang pamilya nang dahil sa kanyang pagmamaneho.”

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