An Indonesian-British couple with cultural difference proved that love wins against all odds!

Love knows no boundaries. We all know that when we are speaking about forever that means we found the right person for us.

Same with this love story, Jennifer Brocklehurst, a Briton girl and Bayu Kumbara an Indonesian university student.

They both proved that endless possibilities come when it’s about love.

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Many people would initially think that this story is fake or just a hoax, but indeed when love hits you, it hits you bigtime.

Bayu and Jennifer proved that their love was more than their physical attributes.

The couple, who the online world dubbed as “Beauty and the Beast,” supposedly met in January of 2014. Bayu was an Anthropology student from Andalas University while Jennifer was just visiting Sumatra. They fell in love eventually, and soon enough, they decided to tie the knot.

Their improbable union sparked a debate online over the standards of beauty, culture clash and ethnic beliefs.

Many people doubted that Western European culture colliding with Asian values and beliefs will be difficult.

Despite of criticisms around them, they both proved the flaming love that they felt for each other.

They have proven that nothing can hinder their relationship and proved to the world that love wins against all odds.

Their life seems to get better, Bayu and Jennifer were blessed with their first child.

Her name was Olivia and she’s already 8 months old, you can see her pictures on Jennifer’s Instagram account.

Falling in love with someone of a different race is beautiful and exhilarating.  It makes you believe in love.  It takes you by surprise, you realize that despite self-identifying as open-minded, you never truly had actually pictured yourself in love with someone of that race.

It expands your possibilities and your perspective.  It expands your understanding of what love is and could be.

You feel so grateful that you found each other.

Jennifer and Bayu’s love story definitely proves that love transcends in various races.

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