The sad story of a young boy looking to have enough money to buy a pretty doll

There are moments in our lives when we meet someone that will change the way we view life. It doesn’t matter whether they’re young or old, these life stories hold lessons that we can all learn from. Facebook page “Philippines Trending Social Media” posted the sad story of an unnamed netizen with a young boy trying to buy a doll.

This person was waiting in line inside a department store when they overheard the cashier speaking. It turns out that the young boy in front of the netizen didn’t bring enough money to buy the item he wanted.

Seeing how devastated the child was, the netizen asked the boy why he wanted to buy the doll. He shared that it was the same doll that his younger sister wanted. However, the sad story turns out to be more tragic than what we’ve imagined it to be.

“Pumunta na po kasi kay God ang kapatid ko… sabi ni Tatay malapit na din po na Makita ni Nanay si God, kaya bibilhin ko po sana ang manika na ito upang ibigay ni Nanay sa kapatid ko…”

The netizen’s heart broke for the child. They decided to help out the poor boy by taking some money out of their wallet to help pay for the doll. This kind gesture definitely made the young boy’s day who left with a big smile after saying thank you.

However, the kind netizen can’t help but recall a sad story he read on the newspaper. It was about a drunk driver who cost the life of a young mother and her daughter. The victims were rushed to the hospital but the young girl didn’t make it.

Could this be the unfortunate family that suffered from the drunk driver’s actions?

Source: facebook