Woman Who Suffers from Anorexia Managed to Survive after She Discovered a Gym that Changed her Life!

Anorexia is often seen as a joke, but it’s not. More and more people are suffering because of anorexia and yet people are still thinking that they are just faking their disease.

Anorexia is a condition wherein one’s self-esteem and self-image becomes distorted.

Now, we have here the story of a young woman who has starved herself after she developed an intense fear of gaining weight. However, she tried her best to get rid of that fear in hopes of helping others who suffer from the same condition.

The teenager girl has been struggling with her weight. Three years ago, she only weighed 5 stones, approximately 32 kilograms. The 18-year-old girl named Vera Schulz from Stavropol in Southwest Russia has unexpectedly and miraculously recovered and she’s now a fitness instructor.



Because of her condition, she’s constantly fainting since her energy levels were low. Her school works added stress to her and also her flat that is located on the fifth floor of an apartment and since there’s no lift, she’s forced to use the stairs for an hour just to reach her flat.

Her family had no idea of how underweight she had become and they had no idea how serious her situation is.

However, her life has changed when she discovered a gym in town. Because of the gym, she began to respect and love her body and right there and then, she noticed that her eating habits have started to change and it played a vital role in regaining her health.

In the beginning of the process, she was just eating raw fruits and vegetables, but then, she decided to start adding protein to help build muscle and also to repair the damage that anorexia had caused her.


Now, she already weighs 9 stones and 7 pounds, approximately 60 kilograms and she’s already a successful personal trainer who helps others in achieving their dream body!

Vera posted, “I have been able to achieve much more in these few years than I had for all my life,” reported MailOnline.

It’s not easy to overcome an eating disorder on your own, but Schulz proved that it is possible if you believe.


Her story has served as an inspiration to many, especially now that she already has more than 25,000 followers on Instagram.

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