Young woman gifts virginity to loving boyfriend but breaks up with him after

Would you choose to hurt the person you love to save them from a bigger heartbreak? Do we have any right to dictate how our relationship will end without the say of our partners? Well, a young woman decided that appearing selfish is better than leaving her loving boyfriend with a lifetime of pain.

It started out as a fairy tale love story. This young woman was blessed with a loving boyfriend who genuinely cares for her. Even some of her friends couldn’t help but be envious of their seemingly perfect relationship.

Sadly, life wasn’t planning on being fair for the couple. After a week of losing weight and feeling very sick, the letter sender and her family went to the doctor to have a check-up. It was then that they found out that she was suffering from the big “C,” stage three.

She decided not to tell her boyfriend about what she was going through. She believed it was cruel of her to let him go through the devastating journey with her. So, one day, she surprised him for the very first time and the memorable day ended with them making love.

But in a shocking turn of events, after this night, the young woman broke up with her boyfriend. It definitely hurt to go with this option but she wanted him to find someone else he could love after she was gone. She wanted him to forget about her and to live a great life, never knowing what had happened.

You can hear the full story in the video below:

Source: youtube


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