A Man With A Good Heart Helped a Homeless Man Who Turns Out To Be Handsome After Makeover

Homeless people are apparent everywhere not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well. They are often subject for social experiments to Youtubers in order to gain views and subscribers. But not all use it for fame, some netizens with good heart offer their help for the sake of welfare.

A Facebook post by a man named Adrian Choo, showed his kindness to homeless person along with his team. Little did he know that the homeless man is good looking after they properly groomed him.

His Facebook post says,


On April 3 he shared his encounter with the homeless man,

“This afternoon, there’s this guy, appeared out of no where, looking like a dead man walking, with his head hanging down, his long hair covering his face, dragging his feet at the corridor of my workplace. There were customers sitting around that area, they obviously felt disturbed. This guy looked like he’s on drugs, or simply mental.”

Adrian then helped him by giving food,

“I brought him over to the back of the restaurant, and immediately got some food and drinks for him. I asked and he said he haven’t eaten for a few days. While he was eating that simple plate of rice, with the curry and a fried egg, I could imagine how tough it must’ve been for him. How helpless he is, and how he must’ve felt when everyone bypassed him, rejected him.”

A kind salesman offered him help and given him a haircut and a pair of shoes,

“So we got back to restaurant, I was suddenly reminded that my nepali colleagues don’t go to saloons. They cut for each other. Thank God. I asked them to help. And one salesman came, a Pakistani. He wanted to help this poor lad too, and offered to give him a haircut, for free.
Amazing. After the haircut, I looked at him, and thought he was actually quite a decent looking guy. We brought him to the toilet and let him take a shower there.”

He then offered him prayers for the homeless guy who was actually named Rizal.

His post has been shared over 3 thousand time and liked by 65 thousand people.

What do you think of this act of charity? Comment below.


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