Doctor Loses His Chance to Bid Farewell to His Dying Father for Choosing a Dying Patient

The profession of a doctor is very noble for they save lives and treat ailments. Maybe most of us dreamt of becoming a doctor when we were young.

There are times where a doctor has to choose between two patients. As a doctor, he or she must be quick with his or her decision for the patients’ health is at risk if left indefinitely. But what if you​ have to choose between a patient who really needs​ to be treated immediately or a family member who is dying? This is what happened​ to Zhang Xinzhi, a 55 year old surgeon from Anhui that sparked the attentions of the netizens.

Zhang, who is a known doctor with more than 33 years of experience said, “On that day, I was really grief-stricken and sad that I couldn’t be at my father’s side. I felt so guilty that I couldn’t see him for the last time but I am a doctor and saving my patient’s life is important too.”

He got praises from netizens who found out about his story, however he wishes to stay humble. He trusts that any doctors would have done likewise. “Although I regret not seeing him for the last time, I know he’ll understand and support my decision because he knows that I am not only his son, but I have huge responsibilities as a doctor too,” he said.

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Source: viral4real