Age Doesn’t Matter: Relationship Of A 96-Year-old Woman And A 52-Year-Old Man Proves That True Love Exists

In terms of love, people have different thoughts. There are some who believes that love will conquer all, love is blind, while others simply claim that love knows no age. There are tons of couples out there who had been proving the world that age is just a number when it comes to love.

This is exactly what this couple wanted to prove everyone. Despite having more than 40 years of an age gap, it still appears that nothing can stop Renato Payos from continuing his relationship with his 96-year-old girlfriend Eloisa Gonzales.

As stated by the GMA Network, Renato and Eloisa had been dating for more than two decades now and still, they keep on proving that age is just a number because of the way they take good care of each other.

At the age of 96, Eloisa still manages to take good care of her 52-ear-old boyfriend. Although she’s already tired because she’s already old, she still doesn’t get tired of taking care of her boyfriend.

According to Renato, even his parents are against his relationship with Eloisa but eventually, they learned to accept the fact that they love each other and that no age gap would be a hindrance for their relationship not to work.

Before, Renato was a vendor while his girlfriend Eloisa sells vegetables. According to Renato, he always waits for Eloisa to come so that he could see hear. Since Eloisa isn’t a rich woman, he knew it then that he’s not after the woman’s money but rather her love.

Further reports stated that Eloisa’s child was the one who witnessed the true love in their relationship. Now that Eloisa is already weak and sick, Renato is taking good care of her.

Their love was so real that Renato even stated that he wanted to die first before Eloisa because he doesn’t want to see her suffer any longer.

As for now, Renato claims that he’s contented with what they have because all that matters now is for him to spend his life with his girlfriend.

Source: GMANetwork

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