Boy’s two-dollar painting find turns out to be 1,500 dollars worth!

For us ordinary people who aren’t a big fan of paintings, it’s hard to know each artwork’s real worth, right? Same goes for a boy who appeared in Antiques Roadshow U.S. back in 2014.

Antiques Roadshow first aired in British television in 1979. With it’s huge success in the country, TVn networks across different countries booked a franchise of the show. One of which is Public Broadcasting Service in the U.S.

Up to this day, both Antiques Roadshow programs still continues to air.

Although the show has revealed eye-popping prices of art works before, in 2014, many were shocked to find out the actual worth of one boy’s two-dollar painting.

The young collector, who is a regular junkie auction goer, likes to collect glass and silver apart from paintings.

When he met the show’s appraiser David Weiss, the boy showed him a painting that he bought in an auction in South Jersey. The kid bought the piece of art for only two dollars.

It turns out that the painting was made by famous Dutch painter Albert Neuhuys.

When asked about how much he thinks it actually costs, the little boy said 100-150 dollars.

Little did he know, he’s in for a treat. To his disbelief, Weiss revealed that its actual market value is 1,000 to 1,500 dollars (50,000-75,000 pesos)! The boy’s eyes grew bigger as he realized what gem he has found!

Nice find, kid!

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Source: ins-newyoutube